Use This iPhone Case and Your iPhone Will Be Replaced if It Breaks

Though we still prefer to stay naked when it comes to the iPhone, here's a pretty solid alternative for those people paranoid of shattering the fragile beauty that is the iPhone: Cellhelmet. It's a case that not only protects your iPhone but will also pay for a replacement iPhone if your iPhone breaks. » 5/14/12 8:20pm 5/14/12 8:20pm

Green Umbrella Gives You One Extended Warranty For Almost All Your Gadgets

Green Umbrella has a very interesting service plan: a all-in-one extended warranty plan that covers all your gadgets for three years. You pay $9.99 a month, and it'll cover most of your home electronics (TVs, Computers) and appliances (Washers, Dryers, Refrigerators, Microwaves) as long as they come with at least a 90… » 8/04/08 3:30pm 8/04/08 3:30pm

Tip: Shooting a Malfunctioning Device with a Shotgun Voids the Warranty

Man, companies are always trying to screw ya. Take warranties, for example. They'll void them for practically anything these days! Just ask Keith Walendowski of Milwaukee, WI (pictured). All he did was shoot his lawnmower with a sawed-off shotgun, and now the company who makes it says the warranty is voided. What a… » 7/25/08 6:40pm 7/25/08 6:40pm

Stupid Guy Sues Microsoft for $5 Million Because Halo 3 Crashed His Xbox 360

Randy Nunez's Xbox 360 is being beaten to death by Halo 3, so that it "routinely, consistently, and systematically 'froze,' 'crashed,' or 'locked up.'" Naturally, this "disrupted game play." For his pain and suffering of having to reset his console to resume getting teabagged, he wants $5 million and class action… » 11/28/07 4:00pm 11/28/07 4:00pm