New iRobot Warrior X700 Carries Big Payloads and Big Guns

When we last checked in with iRobot's Warrior, it was armless, pokey, weak and not killtastic. Their latest model, the Warrior X700, is the opposite of all of that, with plans for the urban warfare front: It sports a robo-arm that lifts 150 pounds, will tread a four-minute mile, lugs up to 500 pounds and can terminate… » 10/17/07 5:40pm 10/17/07 5:40pm

iRobot Warrior: If Your House is Really, Really Dirty

iRobot, makers of those cute vacuums, also produces badass, Rambo-esque killing machines. Their newest creation, the iRobot Warrior, is a 250lb beast that can move 12mph over varied terrain, including stairs, while carrying up to 100lbs on its back. Admittedly the device is not planned for killing (yet), but will… » 10/07/06 12:30pm 10/07/06 12:30pm