Watch This Poor, Abused Washing Machine Go Completely Insane and…

Your washing machine is kind enough to handle your laundry without a complaint. For that it deserves respect. Aussie50 has no such respect. Watch his poor washer tear itself asunder, powerless to prevent spectacular self-destruction the hands of its own spin cycle. Watch as it tries to escape through sheer force of… » 4/20/13 9:15pm 4/20/13 9:15pm

Panasonic's Eco-Navi Washer Knows Just How Disgustingly Filthy You Are

In the interest of conserving energy, water, and shame, the Eco-Navi washer uses light-activated sensors to detect your icky-sticky-eugh-so-disgusting stains and adjusts the wash cycles accordingly. What's really dirty about the whole thing though is the appliance's price: $3,000. » 10/08/09 10:00pm 10/08/09 10:00pm

Slam-Dunk the Funk(y Clothing) with the Tian Chi Washer

Designed for electronic giant Candy and Italian business organization La Fucina, the Tian Chi washing machine introduces an element of fun to the daily grind of household chores, A spring-loaded trap door in the top means that you can play basketball with your dirty clothes every washday. Unlike me, Carlo Casagrande… » 2/27/08 8:11am 2/27/08 8:11am

Dyson's CR01 Contrarotating Double-Drum Washing Machine

Dyson, masters of the cyclonic vacuum cleaners are taking on the task of washing out your dirty laundry. The contrarotating, or rotating in an opposite manner, design uses two drums to get clothes cleaner, by "flexing" fabrics more. Sounds like its rough on the delicates, but we're not laundry men, so what do we know? » 9/28/06 2:48pm 9/28/06 2:48pm