Student Builds Portable Washer So His Mom Can Do His Laundry Anywhere

They say necessity is the mother of invention, but laziness has probably inspired many a wonderful creation too. After his roommate complained about having to hand wash all of his clothing, Pu Qingliang, a 21-year-old mechanical design and manufacturing student, put the skills he learned to good use by designing a … »7/02/13 3:40pm7/02/13 3:40pm

Idiot Kid Looks for Narnia in Washing Machine, Overly Sympathetic Firefighters Save Him with Jaws of Life

Okay, so I tried to put myself in this kid's shoes. I'm looking at a steel hole. Not very exciting! I'd rather go play with a bright, flashing object instead. Apparently, we don't have the same thought process, 'cause this kid decided to dig deeper. Guess what he found? A whole bunch of OMGI'mStuck. Enter brave… »2/06/08 6:30pm2/06/08 6:30pm