Watch This Poor, Abused Washing Machine Go Completely Insane and Explode

Your washing machine is kind enough to handle your laundry without a complaint. For that it deserves respect. Aussie50 has no such respect. Watch his poor washer tear itself asunder, powerless to prevent spectacular self-destruction the hands of its own spin cycle. Watch as it tries to escape through sheer force of… »4/20/13 9:15pm4/20/13 9:15pm


iBasket Laundry Concept is Clothes Hamper, Washer For The Lazy

Like most New Yorkers, my building has no laundry facilities of its own and, in order to get clean clothes, I have to summon the willpower to drag my brimming bag three blocks. Oh, if only I had this automated washing machine basket instead. Designed by Guopeng Liang and one of the finalists in Electrolux's Design… »8/23/08 3:30pm8/23/08 3:30pm

Washup: Toilet and Washing Machine All-in-One (Oh Yes!)

Alright, I get it. Eco-friendly types and people who have small apartments might appreciate a washing machine / toilet hybrid that recycles wasted wash water in the flush tank. It is a good idea, but there is something that is just plain wrong about having your clean clothes so close to the place where you poop—you… »3/20/08 9:15pm3/20/08 9:15pm