Netflix Streaming Will Always Be Subscription-Based, Never Pay-Per-View

Subscribers hoping that Netflix would get into the pay-per-view space will be slightly disappointed, as its CEO reiterates that they will always be in the subscription business. Reed Hastings says, "We don't plan to enter the pay-per-view segment, where Apple, Amazon, Sony and others focus, or the ad-supported… » 7/28/08 5:20pm 7/28/08 5:20pm

Easily Rip Netflix Streaming Movies To Your Hard Drive

Adam of Lifehacker found this pretty slick way of allowing Netflix users to download and save streaming movies onto their hard drives, meaning that you can take movies on the go without having to always be connected to the net. If this isn't illegal, it's most likely against the EULA; and if it isn't against the EULA,… » 1/16/08 6:40pm 1/16/08 6:40pm

Netflix Watch Now: Secret Technique for Cutting In Line, Get Streaming…

Netflix is slowly rolling out its movie streaming feature, but some members of the movie service won't be getting this capability until June. If you're one of the unlucky Netflix users who haven't seen that Watch Now tab appear on the Netflix website yet, now there's a way you can skip waiting in line and have it… » 3/01/07 8:29am 3/01/07 8:29am