Aftermarket Xbox 360 Case Reduces Noise, Heat and Design

If the Xbox 360 is simply too loud, hot and small for your taste, the Lian-Li PC-XB01 case mod can help. The case can silence the disc drive with sound-proofing foam and keep things cool with improved airflow, a single 120mm fan or optional water cooling system. Plus, it is four times the size of the 360-so you know… »6/24/08 7:20pm6/24/08 7:20pm

IBM Mixes Water, Chips to Make Supercomputer And Cook Dinner Too

It might sound like a risky idea, but IBM's new Power 575 supercomputer uses a new system of chip-level water-cooling to keep its processors chilled. Nicknamed "Hydro Cluster", the machine actually uses 448 of the new 5GHz POWER6 processors. They must kick out a hefty heat load because IBM thinks there're eco-friendly… »4/09/08 9:40am4/09/08 9:40am

NVIDIA Motorcycle Casemod is the Fastest Computer On Two Wheels, Kinda

There are roadwarriors with their ultraportables and then there's master modder Dennis Ilyin, who took computing on the go literally with this ambitious motorcycle casemod. While the two-wheeled computing wonder lacks an engine, it more than makes up for it with massive LED-lit water tanks and what's sure to be ample… »4/06/08 7:59pm4/06/08 7:59pm

Rumor: HP Going for Water-Cooled, Fanless Laptops This Fall

Rumor has it HP's going to be releasing something very cool in the world of laptops this fall. By combining Voodoo's water-cooling, which you've mostly seen in desktops so far (save for a couple units here and there), HP is going to create a water-cooled laptop, which has no fans and gets eight hours of battery life. »5/07/07 8:29pm5/07/07 8:29pm

Shuttle SXDi: Water-cooled PC with CrossFire and Flames

This is the new Shuttle SDXi and although it's a variation of the XPC, it's also one BMF. It comes loaded for speed with a 2.4GHz Intel Core 2 Duo E6600, 2 GBytes Crucial Ballistix RAM and a 10.000rpm Western Digital Raptor hard drive. But more importantly, the painted flames on the sides are guaranteed to make it… »4/11/07 4:19am4/11/07 4:19am

Bangkok Airport Ditches Air-Conditioning for Water-Cooling

The 44-year-in-the-making Suvarnabhumi airport will open up later this week, replacing Bangkok's old Don Muang airport. Most interesting, this airport has no air conditioning, rather it uses a very eco-friendly "co-generation plant" system, or water-cooling as I like to call it. Cold water flows directly underneath… »9/25/06 2:03pm9/25/06 2:03pm