What's The Most Water Damage You've Ever Done To A Gadget?

I think we all know the drill by now. When you drop your phone in the toilet or get pushed into a pool with it in your pocket, it has to go in a bowl of rice. And then there's the moment of truth where you try to power it on and it either works or it doesn't. Dems da breaks until more gadget makers wake up and … »7/28/13 2:02pm7/28/13 2:02pm


New MacBooks Will Totally Tell Mom If You Take Them Swimming

The new MacBook and MacBook Pro don't just want to impress you with their fancy new fabrication techniques, unibody designs and bolstered performance: they want to make you more honest »10/15/08 5:38am10/15/08 5:38am, at least when it comes to reporting water damage. According to the service manuals, the new line of MacBooks include submersion…