Former NASA Engineer Turned Super Soaker Inventor Just Got Very Rich

Lonnie Johnson's having a good week. The former NASA engineer just won $73 million in a royalties dispute with the toymaker Hasbro for inventing the Super Soaker, the coolest toy you ever had growing up. The lawsuit also covered royalties for Nerf which Johnson also masterminded because he is awesome. » 11/07/13 11:01am 11/07/13 11:01am

Police Arrested a Man for Planning a Water Fight Over BBM

You know when the Brits said they were going to investigate the use of social networks to organize crime? They weren't kidding. They've arrested and charged a 20-year-old man for planning a water fight (yes, a water fight) over BBM. » 8/15/11 7:40pm 8/15/11 7:40pm

8 Tools for Throwing a Pool-Less Pool Party

You had a few too many while out one night, and you told all your friends they should totally come over for a Memorial Day pool party. Only problem is, you don't have a pool. DON'T PANIC! This week's Toolkit will give you everything you need to throw a pool-less pool party. » 5/25/11 12:00pm 5/25/11 12:00pm

Evolution of the Super Soaker Watergun

It's the 4th of July weekend, which means sun for most of us and all kinds of fun outdoor activities, many of them including squirt guns. If you're hardcore, you use nothing but the Super Soaker, which was first introduced in 1989 and has evolved into personal water cannons that seem capable of blasting holes in… » 7/03/08 9:01pm 7/03/08 9:01pm

The Gizmodo Water Gun Battlemodo Royale: Our Slo-Mo Trailer

This past Saturday, Matt, Benny, Summer Intern Dan, Wilson and I gathered at Wilson's idyllic upstate New York home to test out five of this summer's top water guns via an epic battle. The results and full testing breakdown will be coming later this week, but here's a little taste of what water guns, a Casio EX-F1… » 6/23/08 3:00pm 6/23/08 3:00pm