Space Igloos, Lava Tubes and Hobbit Holes: Here Are Our Future Martian Habitats

The discovery of liquid water on Mars is great news for would-be settlers, but we’ll need more than H2O if we actually want to live there. The only cost-effective way for humans to colonize the Red Planet is for us to start building infrastructure out of local materials. I’m talking rovers made of Martian metals and… »9/29/15 6:40pm9/29/15 6:40pm

Everyone on the Internet Had the Same Joke About Finding Water on Mars

Everybody is so excited because NASA has confirmed that there is water on Mars. Really, no kidding, it is flowing right now somewhere on the Red Planet. The hilarious internet reacted to this important scientific news immediately, flooding Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, VK, Sina Weibo, and so on with witty images,… »9/29/15 4:30pm9/29/15 4:30pm

What Kinds of Life Forms Could Actually Live on Mars?

Yesterday, NASA reignited our hopes of finding alien life when it announced the first direct evidence of liquid water on Mars. But before we start indulging in fantasies of space crabs and reptilian beings, we ought to remember that Mars is a frigid world with a thin atmosphere. And that raises an obvious question:… »9/29/15 1:30pm9/29/15 1:30pm

Phoenix Lander Has Touched Martian Water For the First Time

NASA just announced that the Phoenix Lander has successfully scooped up a Martian water ice sample and placed it in its oven for scientific analysis. "Mars Odyssey discovered this ice six years ago, but we've now touched it and tasted it, which is something that hasn't been done before," said a scientist at today's… »7/31/08 2:25pm7/31/08 2:25pm