BUILT Laptop Bag: Water-Resistant, But Not Bulletproof

When it comes to laptop bags and cases, there are traditional-style ones, modern ones and downright unusual ones... we can't decide which to put the new BUILT Laptop Backpack into. It's almost a traditional rucksack, made out of fancy water- and stain-resistant neoprene, but it's shaped to hug your back like a half a… » 5/09/08 5:23am 5/09/08 5:23am

Solar House Number Display & Mailbox Easy to See at Night

The obviously named Solar House Number Display & Mailbox will not only help guests find your home in the dark, but it keeps your mail and newspaper snug, too. The box drinks in solar rays during the day, and when evening comes, it automatically triggers the LED backlighting, lasting for up to 10 hours. Just use the… » 6/28/07 12:28pm 6/28/07 12:28pm

I-O Data to Release HDMC-U Water, Shock Resistant HDD

I-O Data is set to release a rubber-coated USB hard drive called the HDMC-U. This is being touted as a water and shock resistant hard drive. The last time I check some flash drives were already liquid resistant. Oh well. The 12GB beast will be available in the middle of this month, just in time for the extreme holiday… » 12/04/06 2:58pm 12/04/06 2:58pm