Watch a giant water balloon explode in slow motion with a man inside it

It’s always fun to see water balloons explode in slow motion because you get to see the skin of the balloon peel back and then actually get a glimpse of the water suspended in the air for the briefest of moments. So it’s even more fun when the water balloon is comically huge and a person is inside said comically huge… »7/22/15 8:30pm7/22/15 8:30pm


Water Balloon Slingshot Brings the Wet into Hot American Summers

Now that we're headed deep into the middle of summer, it's time to bring out water balloons and figure out ingenious ways to fling them at your enemies. Here's a great tutorial at Instructables for making a wicked water balloon catapult using surgical tubing, a rag and other random doohickies from around the house.… »7/05/08 2:30pm7/05/08 2:30pm