A Cheap Jet Ski Alternative That Runs on Sunlight

As fun as they may be, personal watercraft like jet skis and powerboats drink fuel like there's no tomorrow. They're fun toys for those with plenty of disposal income, but British designer Ross Kemp wants to make them more universal with his ASAP. It's a cheap electric alternative to jet skis and powered surfboards… » 8/08/13 9:55am 8/08/13 9:55am

The New VXR WaveRunner Is More Powerful Than Some Cars

Sure, we're talking about a Smart Car Fortwo here but even those will reach freeway speeds if you give them long enough. But for roughly the same price, wouldn't you rather have the most badass jet-ski of all time? » 9/27/11 3:40pm 9/27/11 3:40pm

An Underwater Viewing Craft For the Rich Beatle Lover

When exploring our Earth's oceans, one should let the creatures of the deep know that you have some class. While it may fall just shy of winning any beauty pageants, the MSV Explorer is cool enough to deserve some praise. » 6/11/11 11:00am 6/11/11 11:00am

The Jet-Ski of Tomorrow

Lift off! This concept personal watercraft zooms above the water's surface with the help of twin hydrofoils that act as wings. Without the drag from all those waves, its top speeds can trump those of a regular jet-ski. » 8/28/10 1:00pm 8/28/10 1:00pm

The All-Electric Carbon Fiber Silveira Green Samba, Or the BatSki

If the Sea-Doos of yesteryear were bulbous and cheerful like cartoon whales, the Silveira Green Samba XRS is more like a shark. A geometric, 65mph, zero-emission shark, one made out of carbon fiber and perfectly suited for Batman's maritime adventures. » 7/26/10 11:40am 7/26/10 11:40am

Kite Sailing Yacht Kitano Catches Steady Winds From On High

The higher the altitude, the faster and steadier the wind blows. That's the concept behind this Kite Sailing Yacht Kitano, raising a kite high enough to catch winds that might not even exist at the water level. Designed by Stefanie Krücke, the yacht is big enough to pamper eight people in the lap o' luxury. Check out… » 11/09/07 1:00pm 11/09/07 1:00pm