Vortex Fountain Scares the Piss Out of Traditional Fountains

The Vortex Fountain eschews gentle, soothing streams for a powerful water funnel. The illusion of a standing block of water is created by an acrylic case hidden by transparency and water cascading down the sides, and the vortex itself is formed through the combination of strong, alternate currents of water that… »7/29/08 11:00am7/29/08 11:00am

Faucet Fountain Eliminates Paper Bathroom Cups, Recreates Grade School

For only $4, I can see little reason not to get this ingenious little Faucet Fountain attachment for the sink. It eliminates waste (no more paper cups in the bathroom), it saves you from having to wash extra cups in the kitchen, and it recreates those grade school gym class memories all in one. Plus, when not in use,… »7/27/08 3:30pm7/27/08 3:30pm

Automatic Cat Faucet is One DIY Hack That Felines Will Love

Luckily, my cat was always too dumb to make the connection between the faucet and fresh water, so she's made do thus far with just sipping from her water dish. But I've heard that once kitties taste from the tap, they never want to go back. For running water addicted cats, MAKE contributor tsruzik has constructed a… »7/12/08 2:30pm7/12/08 2:30pm