Using an Excavator As a DIY Water Park Ride Is Death Defying Fun

It's the middle of August. It's hot. You want to break open every fire hydrant you see. You view ice cubes as a precious resource. You see air conditioning as the greatest invention ever created. You can't wait to forget that you are a sweaty pig. You are jealous of these three guys in Russia who have hitched… » 8/20/13 2:00am 8/20/13 2:00am

The Beautiful Water Cube In Beijing Is Now A Water Theme Park

Olympic stadiums have a short shelf life. They're oohed and aahed at during the games, but after the festivities, they're forgotten and left to rust. China is trying to prevent that by re-inventing the beautiful Water Cube as a theme park. » 8/14/10 9:00pm 8/14/10 9:00pm