Waterproof Headset For Tub Time Tunes

Bainultra is set to roll out its Euphonia waterproof headset on December 1, so you can do your best Julia Roberts impersonation by belting out the lyrics to "Kiss" in the bathtub like the red-headed actress did in "Pretty Woman." Unlike the waterproof earbuds we reported on yesterday, these sleek cans wirelessly connect to … » 11/07/07 3:10pm 11/07/07 3:10pm

H2O Audio H3 Earphones Good for Water Lovers and Landlubbers

If you've got some serious underwater basket weaving to do, these H2O Audio H3 earbuds might be just what you need to keep you entertained. The company says it's improved the sound of these earphones over their predecessors, boosting the bass response as well as increasing their overall output by 10dB. The H3s are made … » 11/06/07 2:00pm 11/06/07 2:00pm