Hz0 Nano-Scale Vapor Waterproofs Gadgets from the Inside Out

Ruggedizing your personal electronics, especially waterproofing them, is a pain—typically either requiring you stuff it in a PVC bag or ensconce it in four pounds of silicone rubber. But, one day soon, our precious gadgets may come waterproofed on the molecular level. » 11/15/11 1:20am 11/15/11 1:20am

Golden Shellback's Waterproofing Voodoo Magic Now Available For Purchase

Golden Shellback started circulating videos » 11/26/08 6:07am 11/26/08 6:07am of their extraordinary gadget waterproofing treatment in action way back in July, and it took us a while () to really believe that it works. Well, it does, and now you can buy it. That is, if you're willing to send the company your gadget to be treated with their mysterious…

Summer Shooting Tip: Cheap Splashproofing for Your Camera

Here's an old trick, updated with a few helpful and timely tips from our kissing cousins at Lifehacker. They point us to a photo tutorial at Instructables, showing you how to splashproof that camera if you're going to the beach, doing some waterskiing photography or shooting waterfalls this summer. You can easily and… » 7/24/06 11:23am 7/24/06 11:23am