Getting dragged on the water by a giant excavator is a fun way to surf

Strapping yourself to a giant machine and then letting it have its way with you while you’re on a board on a lake is a great way to make yourself forget that the hands of a clock are always turning. Just let the excavator whip you back and forth and around. Be at the mercy of the machines. Try tricks. Get dizzy. Fall. »6/24/15 1:50am6/24/15 1:50am


AquaClimb Poolside Climbing Walls: The Next Best Thing To Everest

It may not be as challenging as climbing some of the great peaks of the Himalayas, but the AquaClimb is a hell of a lot warmer and safer than a mountain—plus it offers up a great upper body / core workout. The fiberglass panels include hand-sculpted rock features and the ability to be rotated 90 degrees or even… »3/28/08 6:30pm3/28/08 6:30pm

AquaCiser Either World's Deepest Hot Tub or Sinking Row-Boat Simulator

Wave at the world's deepest hot tub, the AquaCiser. Wave quickly, because that guy looks like he is going down with his monoreme. The manufacturer, Ferno Performance Pools, claims that you can do triathlon training without even leaving the comfort of your own home—if cycling round the utility room is your bag, that… »3/19/08 7:37am3/19/08 7:37am

Collapsible Surfboard Concept Brings Mecano Fun to Water Sports

So, you like surfing, but your apartment and car are not big enough for a full-sized board. What's the solution, I hear you ask. Sure, you could take up a new sport, or you could get yourself a Collapsible Surfboard. Designed by Nicholas Notara, who wanted to achieve portability without compromising functionality, the… »2/13/08 6:25am2/13/08 6:25am

Casio EWC-10: Exilim Case for Snorkelers and Beach Bums

Casio has brought out a waterproof casing for its Exilims EX-Z65 and EX-Z75. However, it will only go down to 10 feet, so it's more suited for the snorkelers among you rather than scuba divers. The cute flame-colored housing does, however, protect against sand, which could be useful if you're always dropping things… »4/09/07 6:37am4/09/07 6:37am