Rock Out All Day (and Night) with Transcend's T.sonic 840 DAP

In a world of complex do-it-all gadgets, the T.sonic 840 might seem a little bland. It's a fairly basic digital audio player, supporting everything you'd expect in the audio (MP3, WMA, WAV, WMA-DRM10) and visual (JPG, BMP) departments. But it is the simple yet functional approach that allows Transcend's latest gadget… »8/02/07 11:20pm8/02/07 11:20pm

Creative Zen Wav Leaked? Possible iPod Nano Competitor Spotted in Singapore

Just when we thought the Creative Zen Stone was the only thing they had up their sleeves, Creative's gone and released a Zen Wav in Singapore (their home country). The device looks like a Nano competitor with a set of integrated speakers, 2GB storage, FM radio, voice recording, and a photo/video playback mode. »5/18/07 8:00pm5/18/07 8:00pm

iKey 320kbps Digital Audio Recorder Records Straight to MP3 at 320kbps

The iKey Plus, an upgrade of the iKey, seems great for people who want to take a stab at digital recording, be they bootleggers at a concert or disgruntled employees looking for evidence in their sexual harassment suit against their company. The device can record to any USB drive, and stores files in MP3 or WAV… »9/21/06 8:45pm9/21/06 8:45pm