This Futuristic Truck Was Actually Designed By Walmart

With 7,000 tractor trailers currently in its fleet, it makes sense that Walmart would have a vested interest in designing more efficient delivery vehicles. The company's new ultra-aerodynamic Walmart Advanced Vehicle Experience—or WAVE—concept is lighter and more fuel efficient than other trucks on the market, and can… »3/04/14 10:00am3/04/14 10:00am

Holy crap, look at this giant wave towering over an entire English town

According to the Met Office—UK's national meteorological service—a hurricane-force superstorm similar to the catastrophic Great Storm of 1987 is about to obliterate Britain. Just look at this incredible wave towering above an entire town on the coast of Cornwall, England. It's just the beginning. »2/12/14 10:03pm2/12/14 10:03pm

3D-Printed Siphon Makes Sharing Drinks Impossibly Easy

Anyone who's ever emptied a pool or stolen gas from a car's tank knows how a siphon works, but that doesn't make this 3D printed Wave toy seem any less magical. Seeing it in action you'd assume there was some kind of sorcery involved here, as one side of the Wave draws liquid to the other until both glasses have the… »1/02/14 10:00am1/02/14 10:00am

The Wonderfully Nerdy Intricacies of Brewing Good Coffee

Coffee is an extremely fickle drink when it comes to its creation. Weight, temperature, and time are all key factors in brewing a great cup, but those variables rarely stay the same for the making of any given cup. What you can master, however, is technique. And when it comes to brewing pour-over coffee with the … »5/18/12 2:00pm5/18/12 2:00pm

If Google Axes Six Unpopular Brands and Nobody Is Around to Use Them, Does Their Demise Make a Sound?

History is littered with the corpses of failed products—from Edsels and DeLoreans to Zunes and everything on CBS's early season lineup. Google is no different. It's just announced that it's culling six services most people didn't know existed...because nobody actually used them. »11/23/11 3:00am11/23/11 3:00am

Did the TSA Ignore Early X-Ray Scanner Cancer Risks?

The FDA, which regulates medical technology, has long opposed large-scale X-ray machine deployment, arguing that people shouldn't be irradiated without a direct medical benefit. So how did 250 X-ray "backscatter" scanners, which potentially increase cancer rates, land in American airports? Because the TSA insists… »11/02/11 3:40am11/02/11 3:40am