Western Digital's WD TV Play Is Its New Streaming Black Box

Because the world doesn't have enough streaming black boxes, Western Digital is making its own version: the WD TV Play. You can watch video on YouTube, Netflix, Hulu Plus, VuDu, Sling and stream music from Spotify and Pandora. But what's really cool about the WD TV Play is that you can easily play content from any… » 2/12/13 7:44pm 2/12/13 7:44pm

Here's a Humongous New 8 Terabyte Thunderbolt Hard Drive

Western Digital is really getting in bed with Thunderbolt. It already has a 2TB 10,000RPM monster, and now it's got an 8TB external drive with Thunderbolt. » 10/09/12 12:39pm 10/09/12 12:39pm

Of Course You Need a 2TB 10,000RPM Hard Drive with Two Thunderbolt Ports

The cloud's great, but sometimes you still need fast, humongous local storage. How fast and humongous? How about, say, 2TB at 10,000RPM with TWO Thunderbolt ports. » 8/30/12 10:57am 8/30/12 10:57am

Western Digital My Net N900 HD Lightning Review: A Router You Might…

What if a router could make sure streaming movies and online games always get the bulk of your bandwidth, even if everyone else in your house is downloading a zillion porn movies? That's exactly what hard drive kingpin Western Digital claims to have done with its first router, the My Net N900 HD. » 6/15/12 4:20pm 6/15/12 4:20pm

Western Digital's HD Factory "Submerged" by Thai Flooding

One of the world's largest hard drive makers has emerged as another victim of the floods that've hit Thailand, with WD reporting that one of its Thai plants has been "inundated" by water and some equipment is currently underwater. » 10/18/11 7:20am 10/18/11 7:20am

Western Digital's WD 2go App Creates a Personal Cloud for Your iPhone…

Western Digital has a new iOS and Android app that works with the My Book Live (an external hard drive). When you plug the My Book Live into your router at home, you can access all the files through the app, from anywhere in the world. » 9/13/11 1:40pm 9/13/11 1:40pm

WD My Book Studio Edition II Goes To a Whopping 6TB Now

Western Digital's My Book Studio Edition II was already at the top of the leader board, with four interfaces (FireWire 800/400, eSATA, USB 2.0) and 4TB of storage. But now that the external hard drive comes in 6TB—for a relatively reasonably $550—and adds Apple Time Machine compatibility—it's a pro-level Mac user's… » 3/17/11 9:15am 3/17/11 9:15am

WD's My Passport Essential Hard Drives Get 5 Limited Edition Designs

WD's new 500GB Limited Edition My Passport Essential hard drives boast automatic backup, password protection, and will serve as your passport for a far-off land where graphic design is the only law. $120 at Best Buy and [WD] » 7/22/10 9:28am 7/22/10 9:28am

WD TV Live Plus HD Media Player Adds Netflix To Its Arsenal

When we last surveyed the HD media player landscape, the WD TV Live ended tied for the top spot, qualified only by a few small issues. The TV Live Plus polishes those rough spots and adds Netflix for good measure. » 6/09/10 8:00am 6/09/10 8:00am

Amazon's Packaging Is a Serial HDD Killer

When Amazon switched over to "frustration free" packaging last year—using minimal materials to ease the strain on the environment—they unwittingly became the prime suspect in a string of hard disk drive deaths. Behold the trail of sorrow: » 3/30/10 5:20pm 3/30/10 5:20pm

SiliconEdge Blue Reviewed: WD's First Consumer SSD Not Worth the Money

An SSD is something that you wish you had: they're fast, efficient, and quiet. Now Western Digital has introduced SiliconEdge Blue, the first line of consumer SSDs from one of the biggest names in storage. Too bad they're overpriced. » 3/03/10 1:41pm 3/03/10 1:41pm

Western Digital Advanced Format Gives You 11 Percent More Hard Drive…

Western Digital's come up with a fancy new way to format hard drives—changing sector sizes to 4KB that use a pooled Sync/DAM header and ECC blocks—that promises to give back 7 to 11 percent of hard drive space. » 12/11/09 5:55pm 12/11/09 5:55pm

WDTV Live Firmware Update Bricking Units?

Western Digital support forums are filled with comments on the latest WDTV Live firmware update, few of them good. Many users are reporting that firmwares from 1.0.11 up are giving them trouble, at least, and in many cases outright bricking their hardware. If you've got one, hold off on updating for a while. Check out… » 12/05/09 8:55pm 12/05/09 8:55pm

Asus O!Play Review: Best-Priced HD Video Player Is the New Champ

Battlemodos give you a clear sense of what's good and bad in a gadget category, but there's no way to include everything. Consider the $99 Asus O!Play the new champ of HD video players—better late than never. » 11/30/09 10:40pm 11/30/09 10:40pm

HD Media Player Battlemodo: Apple TV Killers

When Apple TV 3.0 came out, we were unimpressed. Readers asked what else they could use to play their many videos. Here are five nice ones for your needs—nearly all cost less, and do more, than ATV. UPDATED » 11/05/09 3:25pm 11/05/09 3:25pm

Quick Test: Seagate's 1TB Portable FreeAgent Go

The season of the 1TB bus-powered USB drive is upon us. WD was first; now Seagate is shipping the FreeAgent Go, a chunky SOB—three platters worth of storage powered and connected by one skinny cable. » 10/10/09 10:00am 10/10/09 10:00am

WD Puts E-Labels on My Book Elite and Studio, Includes Dock With My…

Hard drives have become so generic and commoditized, manufacturers are always trying to draw attention to their products in new ways. WD's My Book desktop drives now get an ebook-like screen, while the portable My Passport Elite gets a dock. » 10/06/09 8:00am 10/06/09 8:00am

WD Scorpio Blue Drive Is First One Terabyte Mobile Drive Ever—Yes, 1TB

I seriously need the new WD Scorpio one terabyte drive. I want to be able to tote around all my desktop data, without any external drives hanging around, and $250 seems like a little price to pay for that. » 7/27/09 8:05am 7/27/09 8:05am

My Book World Edition II (4TB) Lightning Review

The Gadget: My Book World Edition II, a 4TB NAS in RAID configuration—in other words, a small networked hard drive with a ton of secure storage. » 6/26/09 11:20am 6/26/09 11:20am