Vuzix M100 Hands-On: Google Glass' First Real Competitor Sucks

I just put the Vuzix M100 on my face, a device that's supposed to be the future of all tech: wearable computers. It's a nice idea, sort of, but if this is the future of tech, I hate the future. » 1/06/13 8:14pm 1/06/13 8:14pm

Would Your Rather Wear a Computer on Your Face or Your Body?

When it comes to interacting with computers in unorthodox ways, Google Glasses are the first thing that come to mind. But it's not the only concept. There's also the computer which is integrated into our clothing. We've fitness and health concepts that can provide bio-feedback, and others which can control your… » 8/02/12 5:00pm 8/02/12 5:00pm

Thanks to 'Stretchable Silicon,' We'll Soon Wear Our Computers

Cloud computing is so two days ago. Now that Reebok has teamed up with semiconductor makers MC10, they plan to produce a line of garments with embedded, stretchable silicon processors, I'm only interested in wearable. » 12/09/10 2:40am 12/09/10 2:40am

Ping Clothing Delivers Updates with Simple Taps On the Shoulder

Having seen "sewable computing" at the MIT Media Center firsthand, I can say something like Ping clothing will exist someday soon. If wearable, always-on computing gets you hot and bothered, read on, because Ping clothing promises to do that, constantly. » 4/18/10 7:00pm 4/18/10 7:00pm

Apple Hires Expert On "Wearable Technologies"

Say what? Apple better not be working out how to strap a laptop to someone's back, because that's already been done—10 years ago. But their recent hiring of someone well-versed in wearable computing does spell something interesting. » 3/15/10 11:59am 3/15/10 11:59am

Nikon Debuts Video Headset With Wi-Fi, 8GB of Storage, and a Browser

A seriously odd announcement from camera maker Nikon, the Media Port UP300 and UP300x video headset approaches wearable PC territory. The device, which honestly looks like a pair of headphones with a small display tacked on, actually has a pretty impressive spec sheet: up to 8GB of flash memory for videos, audio and… » 10/07/08 6:30am 10/07/08 6:30am

Glove Input Device For Keyboards Can Also Control Your iPod

Last week at the International Symposium on Wearable Computers in Boston, UC Irving researcher Carsten Mehring showed off a new kind of remote control for the iPod that allows users to control the device with finger movements. Actions like skipping tracks and adjusting the volume can be performed wirelessly by… » 10/17/07 7:20pm 10/17/07 7:20pm

Smarty Pants: Computing Meets Motion-Sensing Fabric

Okay smarty-pants, try this on for size: we've been hearing a lot about wearable computers, but now scientists at the Virginia Polytechnic Institute are figuring out how to manufacture pants that detect movement. » 9/27/06 10:44am 9/27/06 10:44am

Perhaps this idea could be used like the , but without requiring a shoe sensor. Or, the technology could…

Parvis Zypad WL 10000 Wrist Computer

Here's what all the fashionable soldiers will be wearing on battlefields soon, the Parvus ZYPAD WL 1000, a wrist-wearable wireless computer that the company rolled out at the Armed Forces Communication Electronics Association's TechNet 2006 International Conference. It uses a combination of WiFi, Bluetooth and GPS for… » 6/20/06 12:29pm 6/20/06 12:29pm