Cellular Dress Begs to be Deathgripped

Wearable electronics are nothing new, but not looking like a complete idiot in the process is novel. The M-dress isn't perfect, but it might be the first time you can wear your phone without being laughed out of the room. » 8/19/10 12:00am 8/19/10 12:00am

Beautiful Dress Made Out Of 24,000 LEDs

24,000 full-color, super-thin LEDs, 4,000 Swarovski crystals, and enough iPod batteries to keep everything glowing for about an hour. This picture doesn't do the Galaxy Dress justice, but the video comes close. » 11/13/09 12:20am 11/13/09 12:20am

Xerox Develops Ink To Print Circuits On Nearly Anything

Wearable electronics aren't news, but being able to make them cheaply and easily is. Xerox has developed an ink with which you can print circuits onto plastic, film, fabric, and nearly anything you can think of. » 10/27/09 12:07pm 10/27/09 12:07pm

Nokia Patent Hints At a Wearable Input Sleeve That Reacts To Human Skin

Nokia is really getting their ass handed to them in the smartphone market, and this remote input sleeve patent hints at one way the company is thinking about the future. » 7/08/09 4:20pm 7/08/09 4:20pm

Motorola and Burton Team Up for Second-Gen Audex Wearable Electronics

It's the middle of winter in New Zealand, a perfect time for the 2006 Burton Snowboarding Championships, and what better venue for Motorola and Burton Snowboards to announce the 2007 Audex collection of wearable electronics? » 8/02/06 10:53am 8/02/06 10:53am