Aelios Weather for iPad

Aelios for iPad re-imagines how you search for weather. It uses a clever ring dial that smartly pinpoints cities on a map and gives you the necessary data. I haven't had this much fun cruising around a map since I discovered Google Maps. » 5/25/11 6:00pm 5/25/11 6:00pm

What is it?

Aelios, $3, iPad. It's an impressive weather app that's meant to… » 5/25/11 6:00pm 5/25/11 6:00pm

Shine for iPhone

You'd think it'd be easy to make a weather app but most are just terribly cluttered and vomit-inducingly ugly. Shine for iPhone actually cares about how you're going to use it—it's fast, gorgeous and super simple to use. » 5/17/11 6:00pm 5/17/11 6:00pm

What is it?

Shine, $1, iPhone. It's a weather app. And I didn't care about weather apps when I… » 5/17/11 6:00pm 5/17/11 6:00pm