The World's Smallest Automatic Umbrella: Drench Protection That Fits in Your Pocket

The Weather Channel reporters, with all their talk of Doppler radars and satellites and fear mongering weather graphics, are, in the end, just a bunch of liars. They may say you're in for sunny skies, but just hours later you'll find yourself beneath a torrential downpour, umbrella-less and unprepared. Hammacher… »3/07/13 11:16am3/07/13 11:16am

The National Weather Service Refuses to Acknowledge Dumb Winter Storm Names

Last month, The Weather Channel proclaimed that it would start naming winter storms in the manner of tropical storms and hurricanes in hopes that people would pay more attention to them. The National Weather Service—the official government agency in charge of all of this—just laid the smack down on that plan. »11/07/12 10:25am11/07/12 10:25am