13 Horrifying Ideas America Had For Invading Cuba

The United States is beginning to normalize relations with Cuba. Which is kind of amazing, when you consider the fact that America has been trying to sabotage the island nation for over half a century. In fact, the US government has officially produced dozens of ideas for destabilizing Cuba. And many of… » 4/14/15 4:46pm 4/14/15 4:46pm

Back When We Wanted to Weaponize the Weather

Palm trees and lower heating bills in Chicago? Bikinis and orange blossoms in Duluth? Back in 1958 these miracles were the promise of tomorrow, thanks to the hot new science of weather control. And once we learned to harness these forces that were once thought beyond humankind's reach, there was only one question… » 11/13/13 5:10pm 11/13/13 5:10pm