LCD Window Thermometer is a Wall-Mounted Spoiler Alert

With the LCD window thermometer from La Crosse, long gone are your days as the victim of weather-fashion faux pas. The unit mounts to a window and displays the current temperature, as well as the high and low. This gadget seems useful for the weather obsessed, or people who have no idea how to dress themselves. Call… »1/09/08 5:30pm1/09/08 5:30pm


Waterdrop Weather Station Has New Shape, Mostly Old Features

Weather stations come in all shapes and sizes, and here's another one to add to that collection, the Waterdrop Weather Station from Sharper Image. While it's supposed to be shaped like a water drop, we think it looks more like a red egg, or worse, a drop of blood. Besides its unusual look, it has the usual features of… »10/29/07 2:15pm10/29/07 2:15pm