9 Reasons To Be Nostalgic About the Early Internet

They grow up so fast, don't they? It just seems like yesterday that the internet was cruising at 56k speeds and loading horribly designed websites. Now, the web is all grown up, but there's been some negative side effects for the sake of progress in the form of ads, dubious data gathering, and hostile trolls. » 11/16/14 4:00pm 11/16/14 4:00pm

The Great Web 1.0 Revival

The booming size of today's mainstream social networks and the constant level of noise we have to deal with has inspired a sudden return to a time when the internet was quieter, safer, and more intimate: the Web 1.0 days. Like artisanal hipster nostalgia for a time when men were men, shoes were handmade, and everyone… » 10/28/14 1:00pm 10/28/14 1:00pm

How Dumb Was Your First Online Handle?

Your criminal record gets wiped clean the moment you turn 18, but every idiotic screenname and angst-ridden Xanga remains in perpetuity. GOOD had a few online journalists (including our own Mat "emptyage" Honan) share their first handles, to amusing but mostly harmless results. » 6/29/11 3:40pm 6/29/11 3:40pm

Tiptoeing Through the Web 1.0 Graveyard

Sure, you remember Dodgeball. But how about Kozmo? SixDegrees? They don't have much in common except for two things: they're dead websites, and they'd still be kicking if they'd just timed things better. » 7/21/10 10:40am 7/21/10 10:40am