Eric Schmidt Says Android Gingerbread Will Have NFC Walletphone Magic

Eric Schmidt's currently showing off a Nexus S at the Web 2.0 conference, but more exciting than the handset itself is the new feature it's packing courtesy of Android 2.3: near field communication. Hello, Android walletphone. » 11/15/10 6:14pm 11/15/10 6:14pm

New WinMo and iPhone Apps Give You Palm Pre-Like Social Media Synergy

Yahoo's new mobile apps, HTC's updated WinMo UI and a new multi-platform app called 3deep are all chasing after the Palm Pre's Synergy functionality, gathering all social media/location aware services in one place. » 4/03/09 6:00pm 4/03/09 6:00pm

How to Follow Obama's Presidential Inauguration Online

Wondering how you're going to watch the inauguration of Barack Obama while at work tomorrow? Thanks to Lifehacker, we now have the rundown on ways to watch/stay updated without ever leaving our desks. » 1/19/09 8:40pm 1/19/09 8:40pm

Twitter Delivers Death to America 140 Characters at a Time

Twitter is great for grassroots organizing—Obama and McCain both use it to relay biddings to acolytes. That same, real-time insta-blast networking quality would also make it a jee-golly-awesome organizing tool for terrorists, according to a draft Army intelligence report » 10/24/08 12:30pm 10/24/08 12:30pm. Mix Twitter with cellphones and you've got…

Web 2.0h Yeaahh!!

Some will realize that this t-shirt is really just a clever response to a Steve Rubel piece from last year. But recognizing the allusion is hardly a prerequisite to enjoying Mr. Kool-Aid himself kicking the internet in the groin. Besides, it's the only thing we've got to tide us over until the Web 3.Oh Yeaahh!! shirt… » 6/24/08 10:45am 6/24/08 10:45am

Sungevity Web App Makes Installing Solar Panels a Piece of Cake

Eco start-up company Sungevity is launching a new web application on Earth Day (three days away, people!) that will take the guess work out of solar panel installations. Enter your address on Sungevity's website and satellite-imaging software will zoom in on your home, calculate your roof's dimensions, select the… » 4/19/08 4:30pm 4/19/08 4:30pm

Web 2.0 T-Shirt Tells Us All Whether You Facebook Your Life Away

The latest addition to the chic geek's wardrobe has got to be this web 2.0 T-shirt. The classy bit of kit contains a list of 79 social networking sites, all followed by tick boxes. Tick the ones you belong to and wear. By adorning your scrawny chest with this garment outdoors, you are able to reveal to aesthetically… » 11/11/07 8:59pm 11/11/07 8:59pm

iPhone Web 2.0 Standards Support Sucks

Steve Jobs: "Our innovative approach, using Web 2.0-based standards, lets developers create amazing new applications while keeping the iPhone secure and reliable." Yeah, they're going to have to create them since the iPhone's current support of "Web 2.0" standards, in a word, blows. » 7/02/07 9:43am 7/02/07 9:43am

Ambient TV Brings Web 2.0, Derision of Your Friends' Viewing Habits to…

Oh, these NYU kids and their big ideas. (Disclosure: I was an NYU kid until Thursday.) Myra Einstein's project, Ambient TV, aims to bring Web 2.0 tech to TV and would make a great add-on to TiVo or the upcoming Xbox 360 IPTV setup. While some of the ideas aren't so new—swarm recommendations, so that Lost watchers… » 5/13/07 6:30pm 5/13/07 6:30pm

Ogo 2.0: Kinda Like Sidekick, But Only Europe Likes It

The Ogo cellphone, which nobody here liked, is getting a new baby brother to play with: Ogo 2.0. (Was the naming guy on vacation?) Sharing the same basic shape as the original, Ogo 2.0 tries to better itself by including a higher resolution display (QVGA this time), built-in stereo speakers (was mono before), and a… » 2/26/07 8:03am 2/26/07 8:03am

Dell Wants You to Make It Suck Less with Digg Clone

A week ago, Dell launched its customer-centered "Dell 2.0" push with its Diggish customer suggestion site, IdeaStorm, where users can post ideas and thoughts on how to improve Dell products. Other users vote on the ideas so that the most popular ones hit the front page, ensuring that a set of eyeballs at Dell scopes… » 2/23/07 1:00pm 2/23/07 1:00pm

Barack Obama Hops on the Web 2.0 Bandwagon

Remember in 2004 when Howard Dean discovered blogs and it "revolutionized" presidential campaigning? That was quaint. This time around, blogs are old hat and everyone is looking to use the internet to connect to you, the concerned and unapathetic voter. Prepare to get jaded and cynical. » 2/15/07 2:14pm 2/15/07 2:14pm

Web 2.0 Explodes, Mind-Expanding Video Shows Who's Teaching Who

Here's a brilliant video by Michael Wesch, Assistant Professor of Cultural Anthropology at Kansas State University, who schools us on Web 2.0 from start to finish. » 2/07/07 7:35am 2/07/07 7:35am

Flickr Knows What Camera You're Using, Is Telling Everybody

Flickr, the popular photo sharing Web site bought out by Yahoo! some months ago, is now collecting and publishing the camera details of its users. Welcome to a Web 2.0 gold mine of data that marketing types will likely skeet over. The first few sets of data released indicate that Canon has a pretty good stranglehold… » 11/22/06 8:53am 11/22/06 8:53am

Cemetery 2.0 Connects Real Life Grave to Web 2.0 Fun

Whoever said Web 2.0 is nothing more than a passing phase? With something called Cemetery 2.0, people can connect physical gravestones to online memorials of dead people. Yup. Remember Great Aunt Agnes? Oh what a fighter she was. Now you can link her burial plot to her Facebook account, all her pics on Flickr and… » 11/20/06 9:55am 11/20/06 9:55am

YouTube Throttles Video Lengths in an Anti-Infringement Gesture

YouTube is getting scared of the copyright police, and has created a tiered system of use so that videos with a running time of over 10 minutes can only be posted by premium content subscribers. In a statement, YouTube said, » 3/29/06 1:16pm 3/29/06 1:16pm