Wildcard Promises to Make Surfing the Web on Your Phone Way Easier

No one's nailed the mobile web experience yet. Even when they're supposedly optimized for our on-the-go behavior, websites still take forever to load and feel clunky on our screens. A new app out today named Wildcard aims to be a Safari- or Chrome-killer for your iPhone by changing the format and visual language of… » 11/13/14 4:54pm 11/13/14 4:54pm

What Are Your Hottest Tips For Browsing the Web Like a Boss?

With Google Reader finally dead and gone, it seems like as good a time as any to rethink the way we all look at the web. There's a whole wealth of browsers and widgets and apps and extensions out there that will try to alter your browsing experience. Some of them will change your life, other's won't. » 7/06/13 3:11pm 7/06/13 3:11pm

Twitter is Targeting Targeted Ads to Become More Targeted (Updated)

Twitter just announced that its letting advertisers create better, more targeted advertisements so you'll actually see stuff you care about in your Twitter feed. It's the way the Internet works in 2012—ads already know your tastes. » 8/30/12 4:07pm 8/30/12 4:07pm

Onion Browser Brings Encrypted Web Browsing to the iPhone

Increasingly, as networks get faster and phones smarter, we're using our mobile devices as we would our computers. Already we've seen a few options for secure mobile web browsing, but Onion Browser—a new app from the iPhone's app store—is the first to encrypt all your data. » 4/26/12 12:20am 4/26/12 12:20am

Captcha Advertisements: Annoying Squared

If I asked you to name three annoying things about the internet, two of them would probably be captchas and advertisements. The third would probably involve Justin Bieber, Twitter, or some combination of both. But back to these captcha advertisements... » 9/21/10 11:20am 9/21/10 11:20am

More Nintendo DS Developments: TV and Browser

Nintendo goes just a little bit further with its plans to update the Nintendo DS, announcing that it should soon be adding features—like web surfing and HD TV programming. Though this would first be for Japanese DS owners, the company hopes to begin selling the web browser (which will work in conjunction with the… » 2/15/06 8:53am 2/15/06 8:53am

The Web on the XBox 360

Yes, you can cruise around the web using your Xbox 360, and even transfer your favorite sites from your PC, but it takes a little bit of doing to make it happen. It works with a hack that you download and install on your PC. But it's not really a full-fledged Web browser, because what it's actually doing is rendering… » 2/10/06 2:19pm 2/10/06 2:19pm