This Is The Closest Thing Boston Had to a Website in 1945

The internet was 25 years away from inception when this photo was taken in 1945, but the Boston Globe had another way to rapidly disseminate breaking news amongst the masses: chalkboards in a busy city intersection. [Boston Globe] » 5/19/11 8:40pm 5/19/11 8:40pm

The Average Web Page Packed on 88 KB of Heft in the Last Six Months

Last October, the average web page on the internet only weighed 590 KB. Then the holidays struck. Now, the average page weighs 678. Thankfully, the internet is strong enough to carry that load. Do you remember when it could only lift 56 kbps? [HTTP Archive via Steve Souders The Atlantic] » 4/01/11 2:00pm 4/01/11 2:00pm