Turn your text messages into video using words taken from famous movies

This Website Lets You Turn Yourself Into a GIF in Seconds

We know what you're thinking. If there's anything the internet suffers from (narcissism, insecurity, obscenity, an uncomfortable affinity for cats), it's certainly not a dearth of websites dedicated to GIFs. But surprisingly, of all the websites out there created for the sole purpose of flooding the internet with more… » 2/18/14 7:20pm 2/18/14 7:20pm

A 5-Year-Old Crying Because NASA's Website Is Shut Down Is So Sad

Well, this is just horrible. Summing up how sane people feel about the government shutdown and hopefully making Congress feel like imbeciles, a 5-year-old boy is in tears because NASA's official website no longer works because of the idiotic government shutdown. Squabble all you want but don't rob kids of their space… » 10/09/13 10:00pm 10/09/13 10:00pm

North Korea Spent a Whole $15 Making Its Website

Rocket technology isn't the only thing the Stalinist hermit kingdom of North Korea sucks at. It's not exactly investing in web design, either. » 4/18/12 7:04am 4/18/12 7:04am

Use This Awesome Website to Find Out How Big Phones Are

Phone-size.com is a useful little website that compares the size of phones against each other. Can your weeny hands handle a gargantuan Galaxy Nexus? Are your skinny jeans too tight for a Nokia Lumia 800? You'll find out!. » 1/26/12 5:20pm 1/26/12 5:20pm

Stop What You're Doing and Explore Mars Right Now

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to walk around on Mars? For 99.99999% of us, this may be as close as we ever get. NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory has given us the honor of taking the lid off of this awesome, interactive eye-candy. Basically it's Google Earth, for Mars. » 1/25/12 6:40pm 1/25/12 6:40pm

Old Spice Provides Stress Relief With Browser Based Explosions

Thanks Old Spice. You've provided countless thirty second chunks of entertainment with your recent commercials. And now a website dedicated to blowing things the hell up just to give us hard working web surfers a little bit of stress relief. » 12/10/11 3:00pm 12/10/11 3:00pm

If You're Buying a New Camera, You Must Use This Website

Buying a new gadget is hard. We try to help as much as we can! But there are little things you need to know, like the exact size of a camera compared to another camera, before you buy. CameraSize does exactly that. » 11/09/11 10:20pm 11/09/11 10:20pm

How Old Are You In Venusian Years?

Sigh, I just found out that I'll celebrate my next birthday at the end of September and I am old geezer, at least in Venusian years. Curious about your own age if you lived on Venus and used its shorter calendar? » 9/07/11 9:45pm 9/07/11 9:45pm

Microsoft Leaks Social Site, Then Says "We Didn't Mean To, Honest"

Microsoft, what have you done? You've only gone and leaked your social-networking site, Tulalip, haven't you? Bad boy—get back in your cage! After taking it down, Microsoft wrote that it was "mistakenly published to the web." Riiiight. » 7/15/11 7:58am 7/15/11 7:58am

Google's Goggles App Brings The Getty Museum To Life

Google Goggles is getting all museum-y on us. Google has partnered with the Getty Museum to let visitors photograph artwork with Goggles and receive a guided virtual tour in exchange. » 6/27/11 7:17pm 6/27/11 7:17pm

Over 4,800 Web Sites Erased When Australian Web Host Is Hacked

Thousands of people in Australia are in shock after finding out their web sites are gone due to the antics of a hacker and poor network management by their web host. » 6/22/11 1:28am 6/22/11 1:28am

I Would Eat and Drink This Chocolate Website Right Up

To promote the chocolate-flavored stout beer Sagres Preta Chocolate, every single page of the website was designed and made in chocolate, then photographed for the website. Looking at the website, I'd say they achieved their aim *salivates* [Sagres via TheNextWeb] » 6/16/11 12:40pm 6/16/11 12:40pm

You Can Now Shorten Your Links on Twitter.com

Some Twitter users out there enjoy using Twitter's website instead of a mobile app to compose their thoughts in 140 words or less. Now these brave web-oriented folk can shorten links using Twitter's own shortening service. » 6/07/11 7:20pm 6/07/11 7:20pm

They Say Dogs Resemble Their Owners, But What If You Don't Have a Dog?

A cap-doff to New Zealand's Pedigree Adoption Drive, which created this brilliant Dogglelganger website with NEC. Upload a photo, and using "human to canine pairing software" you'll be matched with a homeless doggie that resembles you. [Doggelganger via @KatieScott1980] » 6/07/11 8:30am 6/07/11 8:30am

Don't Have an iPad? Here's How to Read The Daily

The Daily! Its claim to fame is that it's only available on the iPad, right? Not anymore! Andy Baio has created a website indexing each issue of The Daily and linking every article for your reading pleasure. To be honest, it might be the easiest way to read The Daily. Not sure how long Baio can keep this up but in the… » 2/03/11 12:18pm 2/03/11 12:18pm

All 900GB of GeoCities Will Soon be Downloadable

After killing off GeoCities last year, diehard Homesteaders will release a massive (and slightly unnecessary) 900GB torrent containing every single webpage ever hosted by the Yahoo-owned company. Just think of all those Gif-laden treats... [Archive Time via TechRadar] » 10/29/10 5:40pm 10/29/10 5:40pm

Twitter.com Gets a Revamp To Look Like a Twitter App

The Twitter app, with its one-column tweet stream, now just got a sidebar with extra information. Now you can see more info, like individual tweets, people's profiles, videos, photos and various "media" providers that you can see in-line. » 9/14/10 7:25pm 9/14/10 7:25pm

The "Save Google Wave" Site Has a Surprising Number of Fans

When Google announced that it would be closing down Wave, hardly a tremor was felt across the land, but seemingly some people out there were using it, as close to 28,000 people are supporting the Save Google Wave website. » 8/11/10 7:20am 8/11/10 7:20am

Verizon Has Blocked Access To 4chan, But What Are They Gonna Do About…

Last year AT&T blocked access to 4chan for about a day, due to a DDoS attack against the site. I'd love to see how Verizon manages to avoid the inevitable shitstorm headed their way. » 2/08/10 5:07am 2/08/10 5:07am