MobileMe Website is Up, One Day of Awkwardness Late

So we showed it to you briefly yesterday, but then MobileMe turned around and seemed to bite the Apple that made it, and has been unavailable until just now. Can we assume more technical hitches than its developers had anticipated? Yes, I think we can, particularly given Apple's "it's taking longer than expected"… » 7/11/08 5:31am 7/11/08 5:31am

BillShrink Helps You Pick the Right iPhone 3G Plan

Although you can pull out a pen and paper and do the math yourself, BillShrink is an easy web-based way to calculate how much that iPhone 3G family plan is going to cost you over two years. Just move the sliders around, choose how many lines you want and pick the amount of text messages you use and out pops a summary… » 7/08/08 3:20pm 7/08/08 3:20pm

iPhone Controls Vehicle in Real Time Using Delphi's Concept Web App

The chaps at Delphi were just showing us a cool concept; they were using a web app on an iPhone to control a GMC Acadia vehicle. The prototype on display was able to check the automobiles vital stats, open and close windows, retain user configurations for seating options and even start the ignition. Check out the… » 1/10/08 5:50pm 1/10/08 5:50pm

D-Link's D-Life Manages All Your D-Link Hardware Online

The Pitch: A website ( that lets you register all your compatible D-Link equipment online via 2 product ID numbers in order to manage all that stuff in one interface. Just connect the product to your network and you can change settings via the website.
The Catch: This probably won't make it easier for… » 1/06/08 12:00am 1/06/08 12:00am

TryPhone Lets You Sample Cellphone UI Without Buying

Curious about how that new phone works? Check out, the site that takes screenshots of just about possible screen and ties it to button presses on the virtual keyboard. In the case of the iPhone, you get to feel what it's like to press all the buttons, but you won't be able to do stuff like multi-touch or… » 12/12/07 4:00pm 12/12/07 4:00pm

Meebo Goes iPhone Compatible With the Best Fully Optimized Mobile IM…

We wrote about Meebo's iPhone compatibility right after the iPhone was launched—and it wasn't so great. Consider that a thing of the past. Meebo's just released an iPhone-only IM webapp that's just as good as Meebo for the desktop. We've actually tested it on our iPhones, and can say it's the best chat app on the… » 8/16/07 9:00am 8/16/07 9:00am

SignalMap Compares Cellphone Reception Signal Where You Live

Signalmap is a neat webapp that lets you punch in your zip code and your cellphone provider and see how the reception is where you live. Not only can you use it to gauge where the best place is to make your call, you can compare the four big providers so you can see which one is best suited for you (based on your home… » 8/03/07 4:45pm 8/03/07 4:45pm

Visualize Cellphone and MP3 Player Sizes With Sizeasy

Our friend Adam from Lifehacker is really obsessed with size for some reason, often googling for "length", "width", and "visualization" terms—we assume that's how he found Sizeasy. The site lets you plug in the dimensions of the cellphone or MP3 player you've had your eye on to compare to every day objects like a… » 9/21/06 7:15pm 9/21/06 7:15pm