22 Awesome Science & Infrastructure Webcams From Around the World

How many webcams are there in the world? I have no idea. Millions upon millions. But the problem is that 99.99% of them are dull and boring, like watching concrete dry. (Although, perhaps, the very inner essence of webcams is to be repetitious and dull.) But take a look at the collection we've put together here: these… » 12/11/13 9:00am 12/11/13 9:00am

There Is Such Thing As a Cockroach Cam and It's Just As Gross As You'd…

If you're one of those people who feel as if you're undeserving of love and/or enjoy torturing yourself for fun, here's something new to add to your self-mutilation bag o' tricks: watch a 24/7/365 Cockroach Cam. It's like watching a bunch of cam girls go about their daily lives only the opposite of that because those… » 4/04/13 9:00pm 4/04/13 9:00pm

Indentured Servitude, Money Laundering, and Piles of Money: The Crazy…

If you think cam girls—those flirty naked characters that plague porn site pop-up ads—are raking in easy money, you're right. If you think cam girls are bleakly stripping online out of desperation, you're also right. Peel away the sex and pixels and money and you're left with the cloudy truth about the Internet's… » 9/18/12 1:23pm 9/18/12 1:23pm

Your Old AOL Disks Could Help You Find The Perfect Fit

The thrill of finding the perfect pair of jeans online usually lasts until just after they finally arrive, and you realize you chose the wrong size. But a Berlin-based startup called UPcload wants to make online shopping easier with a webcam, a CD, and your perfect fit. » 10/31/11 10:00am 10/31/11 10:00am

Logitech's Star Webcam, the C910, Is Now Mac-Compatible

Last June, Logitech's HD Pro Webcam C910 webcam had our Jason Chen all in a tizz over its 720p video calls and 1080p local-recording. There was one big flaw, however—it only worked with PCs. That's changed now, as Logitech's now supporting Macs. [BusinessWire] » 1/04/11 4:40am 1/04/11 4:40am

How to Video Chat From Your Couch Without Breaking the Bank

Video chatting—the future is now! But it sure is expensive. Between Logitech's Revue ($300 for the box and $150 for the cam), and Cisco's $600 Roman emperor-priced offering, you might feel left out. But you have (affordable) options. » 10/07/10 12:40pm 10/07/10 12:40pm