You Can Pay to Watch Strangers Eat on the Internet in South Korea

Eating alone can be lonely. That's why so many people take meals at their desks, or watching TV. But in South Korea, single eaters are adopting an odd but kinda logical solution to remedy the lonesome eater's blues: People are paying to see other people eat on the Internet. » 2/05/15 1:04pm 2/05/15 1:04pm

D-Link's Nightvision Baby Cam Can Play Lullabies For Restless Kids

When you can't be there in person to help soothe a restless toddler, or you're just trying to teach them to sleep through the night, D-Link's new Wi-Fi Baby Camera will let you keep an eye on little ones when you're away, or don't want to intervene. » 1/06/14 3:00am 1/06/14 3:00am

Dropcam Pro: A Burlier Webcam to Keep Watch Over Your Home

Dropcam, the worldwide leader in nanny cams, is following up its popular cloud-powered remote monitoring system with a greatly improved piece of hardware so that you can track your home-piece in more detail than ever before. Dropcam Pro doesn't look different than its predecessor, but there's a lot of good new stuff… » 10/10/13 9:00am 10/10/13 9:00am

8 of the Internet's Most Adorable, Time-Wasting Animal Live Cams

Last spring, the inexplicably captivating live stream of brown bears catching salmon surfaced on and took the internet by storm. But even though it's not quite salmon season yet, that doesn't mean we should deprive ourselves the joys of watching a puppy sleeping in real time for 20 minutes. » 5/08/13 2:00pm 5/08/13 2:00pm

Your Web Cam Can See Your Heart Rate, Which Isn't Creepy At All

Sitting at a desk in front of a computer screen for 12 hours a day on Chatroulette can't be good for you. So while you webcam the hours away you can also keep tabs on your health with this app that can determine your heart rate based on the constant discoloration as blood pumps in and out of your forehead. » 4/16/13 2:20pm 4/16/13 2:20pm

Inside the Murky World of Webcam Hackers

There's a horrible and growing trend in the darkest corners of the internet: using Remote Administration Tools, hackers are increasingly taking control of webcams around the world. » 3/11/13 8:33am 3/11/13 8:33am

Watch Winter Storm Nemo Crash Into the East Coast on These Live Webcams

You might be able to watch Nor'Easter Nemo hammer the East Coast right outside your window, but if you're looking to get a few other angles on the action, there's a whole bunch of live webcams for your perusal. Check 'em out below. You don't even have to take off your slanket. » 2/08/13 1:23pm 2/08/13 1:23pm

Watch Hurricane Sandy Slam the East Coast Through These 5 Live Webcams

So you want to watch the vicious Hurricane Sandy do her thing, but you don't actually want to be out there in the thick of it. Maybe you aren't even anywhere near the East Coast. Well in this Internet age, there's still a chance for you to get your voyeuristic jollies. Here are five live-streaming webcams you can use… » 10/28/12 8:00pm 10/28/12 8:00pm

Webcam Timelapses Used To Automatically Model Cities in 3D

The ability to see maps in buildings and landscapes in 3D makes following along considerably easier than with just 2D. So researchers at the University of Washington have made generating 3D models of a given location dead simple using custom software and nothing more than a webcam timelapse video of the spot captured… » 10/18/12 5:40pm 10/18/12 5:40pm

NSFW: A Giant List of People Crying on Webcams and One Is Naked

Oh, so your life is rough? Your stepmom won't buy you an iPhone? What are you going to do, sit at your computer, topless, and cry? And then someone will collect them all into a really unsettling Tumblr? OK, cool. » 10/17/12 5:51pm 10/17/12 5:51pm

Logitech's Wi-Fi Webcam Turns Your MacBook Into a Broadcast Studio

Built-in webcams have been a standard option on Macs for the past six or seven years. So it seems a bit odd for Logitech to release an external webcam that's designed exclusively for Apple hardware. But if you're tired of your camera being stuck above your display, the Broadcaster Wi-Fi Webcam will give you a new… » 10/16/12 9:54am 10/16/12 9:54am

These Simple Tips Ensure You Don't Look Like Crap On a Webcam

Gone are the days when video chats were limited to tiny pixelated windows that had you stuttering through conversations with a friend. High quality webcams and broadband connections mean you can now chat in high-definition, so why not do everything you can to look fabulous on camera? » 10/12/12 11:20am 10/12/12 11:20am

The World's Smallest 4K Camera Fits in the Palm of Your Hand

4K resolution video will be the next big technological leap as far as film and television goes. But it doesn't take a massive, expensive camera like the RED Epic to shoot 4K resolution video. In fact, Point Grey's Flea3 webcam—equipped with a Sony Exmor R sensor—is up to the task but is hardly bigger than an inch in… » 6/29/12 1:40pm 6/29/12 1:40pm

A Gumby-Like Webcam That Can Be Any Shape You Need

Writing about a new webcam feels as pointless as writing about a new calculator—everybody already has them built into every device they use. But if you still need one, Hercules' HD Twist should fit your 8 year old laptop. » 2/25/12 3:30pm 2/25/12 3:30pm

Watch a Lady See Her House Getting Robbed Live Via Webcam

When someone has a constant live webcam feed set up in their home, it's usually a good bet that it's for something super pervy or really, really paranoid. But then there's that one-in-a-big-number chance that it's actually useful, like when this lady perchanced upon some dudes robbing her house and called 911. » 11/17/11 9:23am 11/17/11 9:23am

Logitech's TV Cam Lets You Skype Through Panasonic TVs

Basically, Logitech's grabbed their 720p webcam and made it mountable and compatible with TVs—well, Panasonic's 2011 model of Viera Connected TV that supports Skype. On sale this month, it'll cost $150. [Logitech] » 5/03/11 5:25am 5/03/11 5:25am

Boyfriend Watches His Girlfriend Murdered Live on Webcam

While he chatted with her over a webcam from China, a Beijing student says there was knock on his girlfriend Qian Liu's door in Toronto. A man entered and a struggle followed. Ten hours later, Liu's body was found in her basement apartment. [ Gawker » 4/20/11 12:19pm 4/20/11 12:19pm]

This What Happens When Your Grandparents Discover Photo Booth on Your…

If this isn't proof that your grandparents can be just as big, if not bigger, of a jackass than you, I don't know what is. » 2/17/11 2:40am 2/17/11 2:40am

Paper Web Cam Cover Turns You Into the 50-Foot Woman

This paper webcam cover by Japanese architect Ryuji Nakamura is guaranteed to make you a more intimidating video chat interlocutor. Brilliant. [Ryuji Nakamura via Laughing Squid] » 2/15/11 8:20pm 2/15/11 8:20pm

Give Your Web Cam a Gorgeous Retro Shell

Most webcams are quite ugly. They don't have to stay ugly! Over at Instructables, knife141 has filed some excellent step-by-step instructions for gutting an old-timey camera and shoving a webcam inside. Just because you're not having hot video chats doesn't mean you can't have a hot webcam. [Instructables] » 2/08/11 7:00pm 2/08/11 7:00pm