Tommy Lee Has A Message For You, The Loyal Gizmodo Readers

Rock star, home movie star and all around awesome guy Tommy Lee was at the SVM-1000 launch event last night, and he wanted to make sure I deliver this very important message to you. If I let him talk for any longer, I'm sure he would've told you to vote for Gizmodo for the 2007 Weblog awards too. Also, I shook his… »11/08/07 2:30pm11/08/07 2:30pm

Vote For Giz: Not Too Proud to Beg Like Doggies Humping USB Drives

The old Giz doesn't ask for much, but all we need are a few more votes for us in the 2006 Weblog Awards. We're almost in front, just behind that AOL organization that rhymes with Bob Saget. Please vote for the Giz for Best Technology Blog. Tomorrow (Friday) at midnight is the deadline, and you can vote once every 24… »12/14/06 6:33pm12/14/06 6:33pm