How to Encrypt Your Email and Keep Your Conversations Private

Between constant password breaches and the NSA looking in on everything you do, you've probably got privacy on the mind lately. If you're looking for a little personal privacy in your communications with friends and loved ones, or you just want to trust that the documents you email to your accountant or client aren't… » 8/14/13 3:11pm 8/14/13 3:11pm

AOL's New Alto Email Client Makes Your Inbox Look Pretty

AOL has launched a new cloud-based email client called Alto and it manages to achieve the seemingly impossible: it makes email look kinda... pretty. » 10/18/12 5:19am 10/18/12 5:19am

The Email Addresses Microsoft Should Have Kept For…

Yesterday, Microsoft launched its new email service, Outlook, and achieved the impossible: it's bloody brilliant. Now, early-adopters are swarming over usernames—and some have managed to snag email addresses that you'd think Microsoft should have kept to one side. » 8/01/12 7:40am 8/01/12 7:40am

Microsoft Did the Impossible: The New Hotmail Is Fantastic

No need to be kind here: telling people you use Hotmail has been the Internet equivalent of admitting to necrophilia. But after a decade as a punchline, Hotmail just pulled off the biggest victory in the inbox game since Gmail. And it might just get you to switch. » 7/31/12 12:00pm 7/31/12 12:00pm

Blackberry Internet Service 3.0 Documents Leak: Gmail Syncing Ahoy

Blackberry users who have been frustrated by their phone's inability to properly sync Gmail can unclench their fists. Documents detailing the new features of the upcoming BIS 3.0 show Gmail syncing and WMA support are on the way. » 2/06/10 11:23am 2/06/10 11:23am

Facebook Eyes Webmail With Project Titan

TechCrunch reports that Facebook is working on a full webmail system to replace their current messaging platform, including full POP and IMAP support and a customized e-mail address. The codename for the new system: Project Titan. » 2/05/10 4:08pm 2/05/10 4:08pm

Gmail, Yahoo, and Comcast Users Also Caught in Web Mail Phishing Scam

As you may have heard, about 10,000 Hotmail passwords were leaked online yesterday, and that list only started with the letters A and B. At that rate, over 100,000 users could have been lured into giving their passwords to fake Websites. Now the BBC says it's seen a list on the same Website that had more than 20,000… » 10/07/09 9:40am 10/07/09 9:40am