Paper Mache Is Instapaper Soup for the TouchPad Soul

The TouchPad filled our hearts with sand and aching—a crushing disappointment. But we love Instapaper, so if you put the latter into the former, things would be a bit better, right? Yeah! Paper Mache does just that. » 7/05/11 11:20am 7/05/11 11:20am

Ridiculously Addictive Angry Birds Game Now Available on WebOS

Incredibly popular mobile game Angry Birds is now available on WebOS—specifically on Palm Pre and Pre Plus devices running webOS 1.4.5. While this'll certainly make Palm users happy, I'm surprised that the game hasn't hit Android devices yet. » 8/24/10 5:34pm 8/24/10 5:34pm

We Could Be Seeing More webOS Apps, as Palm's Dropped the Submission…

As a further incentive to developers, Palm has ditched the $50 submission fee and is even going as far as refunding all the developers who've previously paid Palm to have their apps looked at. » 6/30/10 5:28am 6/30/10 5:28am

Don't Worry Palm, Everything's Going To Be OK

If two new paid fart apps in one day isn't a sign of a maturing App Catalog, I don't know what is. Rest easy, Rubinstein. For once. [Palm] » 11/25/09 10:14am 11/25/09 10:14am

Palm Couldn't Pick a Better First Paid webOS App Than Air Hockey?

The first webOS paid app is Air Hockey, coming in at $1.99. It might not be a mindblowing game, but Rome wasn't built by Air Hockey apps (or something). [Palm via Engadget] » 10/05/09 4:48pm 10/05/09 4:48pm

Palm App Catalog Just As Crappy for Developers As the App Store

I know Palm is fond of emulating Apple in certain respects, but why they're also copying the App Store's developer-hostility is beyond me. Jamie Zawinski's epic quest to get his free, open source applications into the App Catalog is maddening. » 9/29/09 10:20am 9/29/09 10:20am

New Palm Pre Apps: Live Sunday Football, Translators and WikiHooooow

A new batch of Palm Pre apps just hit the catalog, and they don't look too shabby: DirecTV NFL mobile will stream live football games to SuperFan subscribers; Translator translates stuff; and a shnice-looking WikiHow app. And more! [Palm] » 9/03/09 7:00pm 9/03/09 7:00pm

Palm WebOS Mojo SDK Sadly Impotent: Badass Games Are Impossible

iPhone developer Craig Hunter confirms some of our fears about Palm's entirely web-language based Mojo SDK for WebOS—it's weak sauce, with pitiful access to the Pre's powerful hardware. » 7/17/09 5:40pm 7/17/09 5:40pm

Palm Mojo SDK for WebOS Now Available to Anyone, App Submissions Start…

Softening the blow that Apple struck yesterday, Palm has released its Mojo SDK for anybody to download. They'll start taking app submissions for the App Catalog from all developers in the fall. » 7/16/09 10:15am 7/16/09 10:15am

Palm Pre's First Apps Hands On: Seriously Good-Looking Programs

We're nearing the still unknown release date for the Palm Pre, and new details are slowly surfacing. Sprint demoed the Pre's WebOS apps at CTIA, including PalmOS Emulator, Google Maps and Pandora. These look fantastic. » 4/02/09 3:45pm 4/02/09 3:45pm