HP TouchPad Accidentally Shown Off on Video

For some reason, Sandisk was showing off the HP TouchPad at Computex Taipei. HP probably isn't too happy about their unreleased tablet moseying around some tradeshow but we're liking everything we see. And it looks like HP fixed the TouchPad's slowness problem too. Maybe. [Gadgets Magazine via CrunchGear] » 6/01/11 9:13am 6/01/11 9:13am

Report: HP TouchPad Lands In June For $700

According to BGR, HP's impressive-looking (but sluggish) webOS TouchPad tablet could be on sale this June for $700. While that'll probably be on par with the Motorola Xoom, come on tablet contenders. Give me a price point I can get excited about, already! Or one that's at least competitive with your friends in… » 2/11/11 4:21pm 2/11/11 4:21pm

There Are Tablets Better Than the iPad. They're Just Not Out Yet

The HP TouchPad and Motorola Xoom are legitimate threats to the iPad. And if they were available now, I'd buy them over an iPad. Here's why: » 2/09/11 5:35pm 2/09/11 5:35pm

Palm Gets Seductive With Latest webOS Tablet Tease

I guess if HP thinks its webOS tablets are going to be the month's best gadget porn, then this counts as foreplay: an oh-so-brief glimpse of the purported Palm slate peeking out from the shadows. Cheeky thing. » 2/02/11 6:15pm 2/02/11 6:15pm

HP Confirms That A WebOS Tablet Is Coming In "Early 2011"

There was gossip about a webOS tablet coming in early 2011, but now the timeline has been confirmed during an HP investor call. [PreCentral via Engadget] » 8/19/10 8:39pm 8/19/10 8:39pm

HP Reportedly Tells Employees webOS Tablet On Track For Q1 2011

Ever since HP's acquisition of Palm was announced in April, everyone's been clamoring about a webOS tablet. It could be very cool! And according to Engadget, Personal Systems Group VP Todd Bradley told HP employees that just such a product, codenamed Hurricane, was on track for the first quarter of 2011. Could the … » 8/10/10 3:05pm 8/10/10 3:05pm

WebOS 2.0 Coming Later This Year, HP's Windows 7 Slate To Be An…

Some interesting news from Fortune's Brainstorm conference: HP VP Todd Bradley says that the company's Windows 7-running tablet, the one Steve Ballmer showed off at CES, will not be a consumer-focused product. But webOS 2.0 is arriving later this year. » 7/22/10 6:13pm 7/22/10 6:13pm

HP Files For "Palmpad" Trademark, Likely webOS Tablet Name

In the wake of reports that HP is bagging its Android tablet comes word that the company has filed to trademark the name "Palmpad." Which to me sounds like a great that rumored webOS tablet, no? » 7/19/10 3:01pm 7/19/10 3:01pm

Obviously, HP's CEO Wants to Put WebOS In Printers

HP's Mark Hurd, during a conference call. We were foolish to have ever thought Palm's OS could escape this undignified fate. Thankfully though, a webOS tablet is still very much in the cards. [HP] » 5/18/10 6:59pm 5/18/10 6:59pm