This couple's wedding may have been the geekiest wedding ever

Meet Kristin and Zachary. They're a geeky couple who love each other and geeky things so it was fitting that they decided to have the geekiest wedding ever. How geeky? How about Nintendo cartridge invitations. Doctor Who shoes. A Star Wars guestbook. A Lego cake. Butterbeer. An Xbox achievement for the first kiss. And… »5/29/14 11:40pm5/29/14 11:40pm

Every Photobooth Needs an Awesome Slow Motion Option Like This

You know what's always a hit? Photo booths at weddings. You know what's always fun? Slow motion. You know what would be amazing? A slow-motion photo booth at a wedding. It can document all the cheery drunkenness and celebratory antics and encouraged public displays of affection and confetti and suits and ties and… »8/29/13 11:00pm8/29/13 11:00pm

Watch This Wedding Photographer's Hair Catch on Fire (Because Apparently It's Fun)

Photographer Jacki Bruniquel's hair got too close to a candle and caught fire while shooting Murray and Emma Burton's wedding ceremony. Thankfully, one of the groomsmen quickly ran after her to extinguish the flames and everyone started to laugh. Because, let's admit it, people burning is fun. At least in South Africa. »11/19/12 10:38am11/19/12 10:38am