What You Missed Last Weekend (Other Than Monkeys Writing)

By Saturday, E3 was just another notch in your console. But little did you realize, the new E3 was built so inefficiently for reporters that they couldn't get half their stories up until it was over. Here are the four stories you should go back and catch, some of them indirectly related to E3 inefficiency. » 7/16/07 8:38am 7/16/07 8:38am

Giz Weekend Roundup: What You Missed by Having a Life

How did you spend your weekend? With your family, perhaps? Maybe you were outside, enjoying the beautiful weather. You could have been working on a project, such as rebuilding a car engine or writing some short fiction. Those are all such noble activities, but you know what? You totally blew it by not sitting in front… » 4/30/07 2:15pm 4/30/07 2:15pm