10,000mAh of Battery Power for Your Phone for $10, Plus More Deals

This well-reviewed 10,000mAh external power bank from KMASHI can be had for under $10 today, which is the best price-per-mAh ratio we've ever seen on one of these outside of a few price mistakes. That's enough power to recharge most smartphones about three times, making it perfect for long days at conferences,… » 4/04/15 10:20am 4/04/15 10:20am

Giz Weekend Roundup: What You Missed by Having a Life

How did you spend your weekend? With your family, perhaps? Maybe you were outside, enjoying the beautiful weather. You could have been working on a project, such as rebuilding a car engine or writing some short fiction. Those are all such noble activities, but you know what? You totally blew it by not sitting in front… » 4/30/07 2:15pm 4/30/07 2:15pm