A Day at Muscle Beach with the World's Strongest Man

The tires weigh 330 pounds, but they lift as easily as hula hoops in the hands of this Nordic god. In a puff of chalk, he hugs the rubber rings and scurries quickly through the sand. As he hoists the third and final tire onto the platform, he turns to the cheering crowd on Venice Beach: Who is the king? I am! » 4/02/14 5:20pm 4/02/14 5:20pm

This unbelievably ripped 70-year-old man is not a cyborg (I think)

Holy cow. Now this is how you take care of your body. And this is how you live your life. And this is how you maximize your potential. Meet Sam 'Sonny' Bryant Jr. He's a 70-year-old bodybuilder who doesn't look a day over 40 and has a ridiculously ripped body that puts everyone younger than him to shame. His muscles… » 2/12/14 9:20pm 2/12/14 9:20pm

What's the Deal With Creatine?

Creatine has been wildly popular since the 1990s. It's touted as a shortcut to gaining lean muscle mass, and packed into everything from supplement pills and powders to sports drinks. But how does it work, if at all? Is it even safe? Allow us to demystify this strange chemical beast. » 10/23/13 2:40pm 10/23/13 2:40pm

Gym Genie for iPhone and Android: Time to Get in Shape Fatboy

For most people, working out at the gym isn't fun. But that's because you don't know what to do. Gym Genie shows you exactly how and what exercises to do (in video) so you have no more excuses. » 7/19/11 6:00pm 7/19/11 6:00pm

What Jack LaLanne Did For Your Body

Jack LaLanne wasn't just a fitness guru. Mere fitness gurus don't tow 70 rowboats—while handcuffed—at age 70. Jack was a powerhouse. He died today, at 96. But not before eating and lifting his way through exercise gear history. » 1/24/11 4:40pm 1/24/11 4:40pm

Pumping Iron in Zero Gravity Aboard the ISS

The astronauts working on the International Space Station now have a new zero-G Bowflex, with its requisite bad-ass acronym name: aRED, or Advanced Resistance Exercise Device. Wired took a look at how it works. » 4/09/09 2:40pm 4/09/09 2:40pm

Great Idea: Store Those Old CDs in Your Biceps!

As our favorite media become more and more digitally-based, that pile of CDs and DVDs is looking increasingly wasteful » 8/13/08 7:00pm 8/13/08 7:00pm. Sure, you can sell some of your stuff on eBay or through a garage sale, but what about that bargain bin edition of Bach classics that's already sitting on your hard drive? Here's a clever use for the…