Start Burning Off That Turkey With This Wood and Leather Weight Set

Rarely does fitness gear prioritize form over functionality (understandably) and that's why most of the time exercise machines and ellipticals are hidden away in a basement workout room. But wouldn't you be more inclined to exercise if your workout gear was in the living room next to the TV? This stylish set of woo… »11/27/14 5:00pm11/27/14 5:00pm


Shape Up Alarm Clock Dumbbell Won't Shut up 'Til You Do 30 Reps

Shape Up from Fred and Friends is one of those bullying-style digital alarm clocks, designed to force you awake. It's shaped like a mini dumbbell and won't stop buzzing until you do 30 reps. This would not get me out of bed in the AM, nossir. But it might make me smile. Smile happily as I grip its conveniently… »7/15/08 11:00am7/15/08 11:00am