Mosquito Repeller-cum-Flashlight Is Weird Combo of the Day

Styled in shiny, first-gen iPod white, this mosquito repeller from Brando has a built-in flashlight to give the electronic bird to mosquitos and, aspazzarently, dragon flies. Do these electronic anti-mozzie devices work? Not on me, mate, I get bitten to buggery no matter what I use—even that stuff that smells like… »4/28/08 6:15am4/28/08 6:15am

7-in-1 Card Reader Includes Floppy Disk for Those People Trapped in 1987

Pop this USB 2.0-connected gadget into a spare drive bay in your PC and you will be able to read Smart Media, Compact Flash, Memory Stick, Secure Digital, MultiMedia Card, MicroDrive memory cards and... 3.5-inch floppy disks? You will have to spend $39 to discover if those 1987 backups still have any data. [RedFerret] »2/20/08 10:22am2/20/08 10:22am