Watch Molten Steel Run Through This 19th Century Welding Workshop

A few weeks ago, a tiny gallery in London was transformed into a scene straight out of the 19th century. Amid piles of sand, a worker donned a silver apron and safety helmet and poured molten hot steel down a track to create long slabs of metal. The man in the apron was Raphael Hefti—not an industrial worker, but an… » 10/22/13 11:40am 10/22/13 11:40am

Graphene Can Work in Real Life Electronics--With One-Atom-Thin Wires

By now we all know that graphene has tons of potential applications, from virtually no-light camera sensors, to terabit upload speeds, to all your wildest dreams. Now, researchers have figured out how to chemically spot-weld graphene, wiring tiny graphene structures to real electronics with one-atom wires.
» 6/13/13 10:59am 6/13/13 10:59am

Working Plastic-Welder Toy For Kids Sounds Like Lawsuit-In-Waiting

The Discovery Power Welder's sales pitch is fantastic, and worrying: "discover the power to make and create with the tool that safely welds plastic to plastic." And sure, the kit comes with specially-crafted parts that'll let your little-ones knock together a plastic dinosaur, plane or car. But what happens then? Do… » 8/08/08 7:28am 8/08/08 7:28am