These Cemeteries Are All That Remain of Mountains Destroyed by Mining

Mountaintop removal mining is exactly as destructive as it sounds. In West Virginia coal country, entire mountaintops have been stripped into barren wastelands for the sake of coal. But every once in a while, you'll see a lonely island of green—a centuries-old cemetery that just barely continues to exist. » 7/17/14 2:35pm 7/17/14 2:35pm

West Virginia's Toxic Spill Water Will Be Pumped Into Wells Beneath Ohio

The geology of the Gulf Coast and the Great Lakes makes the land around them particularly suitable for an ugly task: hazardous waste disposal. There, hundreds of injection wells, each up to 10,000 feet deep, contain the chemical leftovers from steel mills, wastewater treatment, and more. » 4/22/14 5:20pm 4/22/14 5:20pm

Where on Earth is this freaky lava pool? Why do people hate love locks? Is it true that fire ants love the suburbs? And what do the soon-to-be-lost sounds of the industrial age sound like? All your answers are here, in this week's landscape reads! » 4/08/14 3:22pm 4/08/14 3:22pm

World War II-era Plane Crashes at West Virginia Air Show

Just a day after an air show crash took the lives of three nine people in Reno, Nevada, another plane went down during yet another air show. This crash took place during the Thunder Over the Blue Ridge show in Martinsburg, WV. » 9/17/11 5:00pm 9/17/11 5:00pm

AT&T's 4G Face Off: Let Us Merge With T-Mobile or Your Mobile Internet…

As PC Mag's Sascha Segan points out, Sprint's fighting the AT&T-Mobile merger "state by state, city by city, block by block, house by house." AT&T is not taking kindly to it, asking, "Does Sprint Really Care About West Virginia"? » 5/05/11 11:51am 5/05/11 11:51am

Man Arrested for Making 'Cat Bombs'

West Virginia's Brian Bailey don' like dem wiley cats runnin' 'round on his property so much. So ya see, he took a lil' bit of toilet bowl cleaner and some of that tin foil and threw it in a plastic bottle, so that when he threw it at the lil' sumbitches, it goes BOOM in their faces and scare the lil' bastards away. » 3/02/11 9:00pm 3/02/11 9:00pm

FBI Agents Accused of Spying on Teen Girls Trying on Prom Dresses

In a surprising display of perviness, two agents in West Virginia are accused of aiming their surveillance cameras at a dressing room where teenage girls tried on prom dresses for a charity function. » 4/21/09 12:45am 4/21/09 12:45am

How the Obama-Hating Voting Machine Fails

Remember the voting machines in West Virginia » 10/29/08 11:00am 10/29/08 11:00am that just couldn't bring themselves to let people vote Obama? Jackson County Clerk Jeff Waybright, who "hates stories like this" was good enough to show Video the Vote how a mis-calibrated voting machine would take a vote for Obama (or anyone) and turn it into a vote…

Voting Machine: No, You Really Meant to Vote for McCain

Even though the great state of West Virginia is only at threat level orange » 10/21/08 5:30pm 10/21/08 5:30pm for having the closest thing the average American has to a voice tampered with, in at least three counties, voters have complained that when they tried to vote for Barack Obama, the touchscreen voting machine cast their vote for John McCain.…

West Virginia to Kids: Play Some DDR, Fatties

Sometimes it pays to be a bit soft around the edges. Due to childhood obesity problems in West Virginia, every public school in the state is getting a Dance Dance Revolution machine. Every school. » 2/02/07 1:45pm 2/02/07 1:45pm