These Cemeteries Are All That Remain of Mountains Destroyed by Mining

Mountaintop removal mining is exactly as destructive as it sounds. In West Virginia coal country, entire mountaintops have been stripped into barren wastelands for the sake of coal. But every once in a while, you'll see a lonely island of green—a centuries-old cemetery that just barely continues to exist. »7/17/14 2:35pm7/17/14 2:35pm


Voting Machine: No, You Really Meant to Vote for McCain

Even though the great state of West Virginia is only at threat level orange »10/21/08 5:30pm10/21/08 5:30pm for having the closest thing the average American has to a voice tampered with, in at least three counties, voters have complained that when they tried to vote for Barack Obama, the touchscreen voting machine cast their vote for John McCain.…