UGNazi Hackers Seize Another Westboro Baptist Church Hate Account

The lunatic power-bigots at the WBC are down another Twitter account—and this time it belongs to its leader's son, Fred Phelps Jr. What's more surprising is that Cosmo the God—yep, that one—is claiming responsibility. » 12/19/12 6:07pm 12/19/12 6:07pm

Hackers Take Over Westboro Baptist Church Twitter (Updated)

We can all agree that the Westboro Baptist Church is the objectively worst collections of humans in the history of the species. And after planning to "protest" the funerals of dead children, the hackers at UGNazi got revenge. » 12/17/12 9:19am 12/17/12 9:19am

Westboro Baptist Bigots Blasted Away Online

There's some uncertainty as to who's responsible (all signs point to Anonymous, or it could be jingoist American hacker The Jester)—but the ignorant redneck subhumans of the Westboro Baptist Church are offline. » 2/24/11 2:17pm 2/24/11 2:17pm

Comic-Con Nerds Strike Back With Counter-Protest

We've previously reported the lunatic Westboro Baptist Church's bizarre new War on Nerds—now the nerds have turned and staged a staggeringly weird counter-protest at this year's Comic-Con. » 7/26/10 4:02am 7/26/10 4:02am

God Hates Nerds

It seems that the members of the Topeka, Kansas-based Westboro Baptist Church aren't very happy about the San Diego Comic-Con. According to them, it's a gathering of lost souls who are obsessively worshipping false idols like Batman: » 7/15/10 7:00pm 7/15/10 7:00pm