Western Digital WD TV HD Media Player Streams from Hard Drives on the Cheap

Western Digital, better known for storage than HD video equipment, looks to have thrown their hat into the video streaming ring with the WD TV HD Media Player. With two USB 2.0 drives working simultaneously, you can plug in your USB storage and stream to your HDTV in 1080p over HDMI or composite. The diminutive box… »11/01/08 8:00pm11/01/08 8:00pm

Western Digital My Library Video Edition Makes Expansion Easy

If you have a Scientific Atlanta 8300 or 8300HD digital video recorder, Western Digital's My Library Video Edition makes it easy for you to add 500GB of disk space by just plugging it into the DVR's eSATA interface on the back. Looking suspiciously like Western Digital's My Book drives, this external drive has been… »6/28/07 10:45am6/28/07 10:45am