Westinghouse Throws Its Support Behind Universal Adapter Concept

Even if it's not keeping up with other types of LCD technology, Westinghouse is at least throwing its support behind a solution for an age old problem. The budget electronics maker said that it had committed to using a "universal adapter" made by start-up Green Plug that will power everything from cell phones to… »6/14/08 4:00pm6/14/08 4:00pm

Westinghouse Goes Wireless with Ultrawideband Pulse-LINK HDTV

Westinghouse is jumping into the wireless TV business with partner Pulse-LINK to unveil an ultrawideband HDTV in the second quarter of next year. Using Pulse-LINK's wireless HDMI system, a highbandwidth Blu-ray or HD DVD signal can be streamed through an invisible pipeline of up to 500 Mbps at 8 feet, or 115 Mbps at… »1/03/08 11:18am1/03/08 11:18am

What Features Do You Want in the TV Set of the Future?

Westinghouse, the company whose PR flacks try to make us think their old TVs are new but we're not fooled, keeps the press releases coming anyway, and in their latest missive they've done a poll, asking people what features they'd most like to see in TV sets of the future. The top answer? Voice recognition. Everybody… »9/20/07 11:40am9/20/07 11:40am

Eyeball Tested: Tasty Westinghouse TX-52F480S 52-inch 1080p LCD Will Cost $2,499

Because I was kind enough to ask, Westinghouse told me that the TBD price on the 52" TX-52F480S LCD HDTV we mentioned this morning had indeed been determined, and it was $2,499. For now, you'd be hard-pressed to find a 42-in. 1080p for that price. Indeed, a similarly sized top line Sharp Aquos costs $4500 at MSRP.… »4/24/07 3:52pm4/24/07 3:52pm

Eyeball Test Later Today: Is Westinghouse's 52-inch 1080p LCD the New King of Budget HDTV?

Later today, we'll eyeball-check some 1080p Westinghouse TVs that were announced at CES, including their new flagship, the 52-inch TX-52F480S, which is due in September for an undisclosed but likely relatively rock bottom price. We didn't bother to see it back in Vegas, back in its early, rough state. That's partially… »4/24/07 10:00am4/24/07 10:00am