Three Things to Consider Before Setting Up Your Home Office and the One Tool You'll Absolutely Need

Whether you have a lucrative gig blogging about coupons or your work-from-home status is merely temporary, laptop + jammies does not a home office make. Welcome to the Business Casual series, a triptych of posts about how to stay on task at work — whether you're onsite, offsite, or at home. Created in conjunction… »11/15/12 11:59am11/15/12 11:59am

5 Ways to Mind-hack Your Boss into Letting You Work from Home

If you are lucky enough to have a job, why not take the whole "work" thing to the next level and work from home in your jammies? Inspired by all of the mobile-office-enabling features of, we asked tech entrepreneur (and work-from-home pro) Seth Porges to outline some tactics you can use to move closer to that… »9/10/12 11:59am9/10/12 11:59am